Safety Policies


Ensuring that all the children who attend The Hive are always safe and well cared for by qualified staff attentive to their needs even in unlikely or emergency situations is very important to us. We have developed the following policies to ensure that both Staff and Parents know what what our procedures are. All our policies are covered in our in-house training with staff and are dynamically reviewed and updated throughout the year. Please click on the links below to read and download the policies.

The Hive Safeguarding Policies

The Hive Covid-19 Policy


Risk Assessments 

Working with children in the outdoors safely involves a deep awareness of potential risks, as well as a strict process for all activities. We carry out regular generic risk assessments as well as a dynamic risk assessment at the beginning of each day and each activity. Our latest generic risk assessment is below. Please click on the link to read and download the document.

The Hive Generic Risk Assessment

The Hive Covid-19 Risk Assessment


Public Liability Insurance

The Hive has a £5m ‘Forest School’ Public Liability + £5m Product LiabilityInsurance from Birnbeck Insurance. Our policy number isSALSALIA/K150300/0332/19. Our insurance policy is available to view and download below.

The Hive Insurance Policy