The Hive is quite frankly the best camp available. My daughter loves going, begs to go for the entire week at a time rather than just the occasional day and is then very disappointed when the week ends. I love the fact that the activities are structured, educational (without the children suspecting this to be the case) and the staff are fantastic. Highly recommend!

Chrissy Greaves

The most brilliant kids camp I have come across by a very long way. The concept is ingenious and the execution flawless. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Alisa Miller

Your team are superb, especially with children who need a bit of extra coaching and coaxing. The kids get to do such varied and interesting things and my son looks forward to his next Hive adventure in a way he has never looked forward to other clubs

Katherine Trill

I can't recommend the Hive enough.
The programmes are so well thought out and imaginative. I have yet to find another holiday 'club' that incorporates such a wide range of activities. 

Hilary Morton

My son really enjoys The Hive. I think the structure works really well - the children are organised into small groups, in similar ages, to work together on a particular project for a few days under strong supervision and direction. it is fun and teaches some interesting skills and teamwork.

Mike Talbot

The Hive's missions completely inspire my child to be outdoors. The facilitators really know their stuff and engage with the children 100%, treating them as individuals. The content of the missions is fantastic. Thank you so much.

Ruth Kennedy

Which Mission Will You Choose?

We may be Agents, Time travellers, Spies, Treasure hunters, Wizards. One thing is for sure: we cannot fail in our mission! There are Aliens to be rescued, Pirates to track, Witches to save, Stag Beetles and Bats who need our help....

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Are you good at solving problems? Can you cope in nature? How would you fare in the wild? Come and challenge yourself on these adrenaline fuelled missions! You'll need self-reliance, discipline and imagination to survive.

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Can you imagine building your own Go Kart and racing it or designing a cool lair to chill in? What about inventing your own flying machine? Makers Lab is perfect for inventors who love dreaming up structures, building and tinkering.

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These missions are truly hands-on! Baking on the fire, foraging, cooking like a wild chef, growing delicious food, creating amazing potions or learning to keep bees, these adventures are not for the faint hearted!

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Do you love tech? Building prototypes? Dreaming up robots? On these missions, we use science, electronics and basic computing to explore Planet Earth. Science, technology and nature coming together in exciting expeditions!

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Would you enjoy shooting an outdoor adventure film like a pro? What about creating a giant Trail Exhibition? Or perform on stage in the woods? Supported by practising artists, you'll need plenty of stamina and tons of ideas!

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An innovative curriculum rooted in immersive learning. 

Our approach and missions focus on imagination, project-based learning, collaboration and problem-solving, all in the outdoors. Our missions are bespoke, with over 40 different workshops to choose from.

Problem-solving and independent thinking

Children learn with real tools and to solve real problems by learning through doing, making mistakes and learning from them. At The Hive, children follow the design process and are trusted and supported to use professional equipment, technology and tools.

A rich and diverse group of specialist facilitators

They are artists, makers, bushcraft experts, architects, filmmakers, Forest School leaders or scientists. Most of our facilitators have graduate qualifications in their chosen field, several years of experience and the passion and know how to help children achieve.

Collaboration in small groups with a lot of hands-on support

Children work in teams of 8 to 10 with an adult ratio of between 1:2 and 1:8 depending on the type of activity. This small setting allows children to create collectively, build trust and test their team building skills.

Inspiring outdoor spaces

We have access to acres of grounds, fields and woodlands to roam.  Our partnerships with leading independent schools give us access to some of the most beautiful natural school settings around London.


For younger children, technology (iPads) is used to enhance the story by adding interactivity, augmented reality and suspense! For older children and teens, it is there to enhance the project-based approach.